Graphic Art & Print Media

A Graphic Designer is an artist who crafts elegantly simplistic visual effects that communicate complex philosophies and evoke powerful emotions.

graphic designEach business has its own unique strengths and values, and the first step in developing your new graphic design is to fully understand and clearly articulate the core of your business philosophy. What are your design purposes and specific goals in creating a logo or a printed piece? To what audience should that logo most clearly appeal? What is your brand?

Our team takes current cultural, social, technological, and artistic developments into account while we plan designs that are individually hand-crafted to appeal to your target audiences. We will work with you at every stage to make sure that your message is clearly communicated through an image that represents your professional values.

Using established design principles (unity, rhythm, space, color, symmetry, hierarchy, and balance) and working closely with you we develop a complete package of branding and marketing materials that can be used in both print and digital media.

 We offer a variety of packages in the following areas:


Logo Design


Your logo is the one part of your branding package that people are most likely to recognize—but only if it is memorable—and memorable in a good way! In part because it is the most creative aspect of graphic arts, building a logo is a painstaking process that requires close collaboration between you and the graphic artist.

A good logo:

  • Reflects the core philosophy of the company.
  • Translates a complex concept into a simple visual format.
  • Is memorable and distinctive.
  • Is aesthetically pleasing.

When building your logo, we take into consideration the short attention span of your target population to create a logo for your business that says what you want it to say—and that pops at first glance.

See samples of our work in the Portfolio


Digital and Print Marketing Collateral


iStock_000001912980XSmallYour logo says who you are, and that same look and feel needs to be carried out over to your marketing materials. Print marketing material includes the all-important business card, as well as letterhead, fliers, brochures, and other print and online materials that represent your company’s brand. Digital marketing material includes portfolios, online presentations, webinars, podcasts, email, fliers, and promotions. You may use all of these formats, or only one or two, but we can help you to ensure that you are presenting a unified, compelling message to your target audiences in every media format where your company name is focal.



Online and Print Advertising


iStock_000003711332XSmallHow do you get your message heard when you are competing in a market worth around hundreds of billions of dollars? The most difficult task you face in developing your advertising campaign is making sure that your ads draw the attention of your target audience. That sounds obvious, but it requires a great deal of creative thought because you have to profile your target audience so that you reach parts of the internet where your audiences are most likely to explore without wasting digital-adsany resources by targeting the wrong parts of the web. Small, smart, focused, and memorable campaigns are ultimately more effective (and cost-effective!) than more expensive broad-spectrum campaigns that never actually reach your target market. Our advertising design process is designed to clearly differentiate your brand from your competitors’, and to emphasize the unique appeal of your business. Having crafted a compelling advertisement, we then work with you to strategize about venues in which you can advertise; our goal is to allow you to have the greatest impact on your target audience with the most efficient use of your budget.



Direct Mail and Email



When you want to speak to a targeted group, direct mail and email are both valuable options. In part because of the rise of online advertising, the quantity of print advertisements received by most businesses is falling, and so a clever direct mail piece today has a better chance of success than it may have had even five years ago.

Commas are crucial!

Commas are critical!

It has a higher production cost than a similar email, but it also lets customers know that you’re seriously invested in getting their attention.

With email, strategies change monthly as technology and culture evolve, but two consistently

crucial factors that determines the email’s effectiveness are the opening headline and first sentence of text, which will either draw the reader deeper into your content, or cause them to delete the advertisement without reading further. You want to be absolutely sure that those opening lines are catchy, concise, and grammatically correct. Employing sharp-eyed copy editors can ensure that your notices are smart, focused, and free from such embarrassing mistakes!

Working with you to develop your signature design and message, we can develop post cards, flyers, newsletters and other mailers custom-tailored for you and for the media in which you choose to invest.

Online Email Newsletter Design Samples

The Turtle Times – Tidbits from the Chocolate Turtle Bed and Breakfast

News from The Southwestern Wine Guy




Business seminar.

We have all sat (or napped) through an excruciatingly poor presentation. They happen in every corner of the business world, and the worst of them devolve into urban legends. Fortunately, they don’t have to happen to you.

The components of a good presentation are simple, but tricky to achieve every time:

  • Excellently tailored, minimal text. Nobody wants to read massive blocks of text off of a PowerPoint slide; and if they spend that time reading, they can’t also focus on the verbal presentation. Streamlining is crucial!
  • Strong organization, so that your core ideas are communicated clearly and logically, following visual and verbal cues that make the component pieces of your presentation easy for your audience to distinguish and remember.
  • Easy-to-understand graphics that support your verbal presentation without distracting from it.
  • Enough verbal and visual variance to keep your audience fully engaged at all times.
  • Effectively integrated use of different media components. It can be very helpful to incorporate brief video or audio clips, but only if all components of the technology work smoothly and effectively every time.

Copper Moon provides creative and professional presentation designs that both conform to your brand and give you confidence that your presentation will live up to the excellence of your ideas. Whether you want a simple PowerPoint template or a multi-media extravaganza, we can make your message look good.