At Copper Moon Media, we believe that computer networking is the lifeblood of the current market because it is the most efficient way for people who have a need to find the business owner who can meet it.  Our mission is to help you craft and maintain a unique online presence that will help you to reach new clients, effectively communicate with existing clients, and define your niche in a competitive business world. You do what you love. We make your job easier. Copper Moon Media offers a full-spectrum service that will work with you at every step of the way to craft a site that you love, maintain that site at peak security and efficiency, and market your product effectively through free social media resources.

How Clear is Your Message?

What messages will a user take away from a visit to your website? One of the issues I find most often occurring on websites I visit and redesign for clients is a lack of clarity about what they stand for. It is easy to create a list or a catalog of products or...

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