I recently ran across this SlideShare document and I wanted to hold on to these ideas as well as share them with you. I get bombarded with questions about how to make social media count, how to build audiences and how to utilize its vast potential. We all know that because of the nature of the internet, because of the the vast amount of information that hits each of us every day, that without going above and beyond,  your message is more akin to the tiny clink of a sewing pin on a clothing factory floor. So, the key is to be “REMARKABLE.”

Check this slide show out:

Very cool, right? These marketers took “out of the box” to a new level. They didn’t just do something different, they crushed it!

What does that mean for you and me? Remarkable means doing the completely unexpected and outrageous. It’s not always easy to step outside of our comfort zones, but no one ever stood out with complacency. No, we’re not big name companies, our targets may be smaller, but that doesn’t have to stop us from striving to match their heights! Make a big statement, find a way to show off your uniqueness, be extravagant! What more can I say. Do you want people to know what you offer? You have to shout louder than the multitudes!

I’d love to hear (read steal) your success stories, I’m happy to share mine too!