As search engine technology advances, our familiar engines are beginning to act like artificial intelligence units (AIs). Users can now choose to use Siri or Cortana or any voice recognition app to enter queires for the engines. Today, for many more of us (more than half of teens and 41%  of adults) voice query is gaining popularity. As a website owner, or webmaster, you are going to want to consider creating content that actually answers the who, what, why, where, and how questions in plain English.  One very easy way to cover this is to include questions you know your customers and clients are asking in an FAQ page or a FAQ section for each critical product or service page. The video below goes into a lot more technical detail for those of you who want to know more.  It is possible to take advantage of voice query,  I will post another blog next week listing some tips for capitalizing on voice search.

Have you made any specific changes to your SEO to handle this change, which, BTDUBS, is only going to become increasingly closer to human conversation as algorithms shift and improve?