why blogAs a website designer who is also interested in creating successful and profitable websites for my clients I always recommend that they blog.  Almost invariably, I find myself explaining my answer to the title question so here is what I tell everyone who asks.

Blog for SEO

Probably the most important reason to blog regularly is that creating regular content allows you to add new keywords giving your site better opportunities to be find-able and because Google considers sites that update content to be active ranking it higher than sites that don’t.

Blog for Marketing

Blogs are your marketing friends. By writing regular blogs you let your readers (read potential customers/clients) get to know you, your products or services and any new promotions. In your blogs you can touch on people’s pain points. What problem can you solve for them? It is critical that your website be clear about your why, your what and your how, but the main content pages will be and should be relatively broad. Blogs give you the vehicle for drilling down to specific pain points; create anecdotes from past client stories explaining exactly how you solved a problem they had. As you may already know, marketing is much more about marketing you than it is your products.

It’s also important to remember that you are selling yourself first to potential buyers. The most effective way to do that is to meet prospects in person, at networking and social events and other occasions where you meet people, but with the advent of internet marketing, meeting face to face has been all but supplanted with ‘social media’ and our reach as business owners has grown exponentially—meaning online networking is critical to your lead generation. Blogs enable you to connect with potential new clients by creating that feeling people want that they are ‘getting to know you,’ which translates into your most valuable commodity, trust.

Blog to Show You’re an Expert

Finally, blogs are a perfect platform for showing off your expertise in your field. Offering a regular dose of tips, real tips that readers can use, shows prospects that you know what you’re talking about and that you may well be able to do or provide what they need. Part of the ‘getting to know you’ is getting to know that you are a good resource of expert knowledge in your area. In addition to blogging, there are other platforms to offer expertise, guest blogging, articles in trade publications, newsletters and other forms of social media, but once your blog is being subscribed to, you are speaking to your marketing team. As they share your expertise is spread far and wide.

I guarantee adding a blog and promoting it through social media will bring more business to you, up your ranking and prove you are passionate and serious about your business.

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The next post, I’ll talk break down the how to’s for creating quality blogs that work.