What messages will a user take away from a visit to your website?

One of the issues I find most often occurring on websites I visit and redesign for clients is a lack of clarity about what they stand for. It is easy to create a list or a catalog of products or services, but users are looking for much more than that. They want to know what you stand for and why they should buy from you. When someone stumbles upon your “message in a bottle” floating on the “sea of internets,”  you want them to be able to see exactly what they’re getting.

If you have done your homework and created good keywords for your product or service then it’s likely that users who have never heard of you will be directed to your site during a search. If all they find is a dry list of what you offer without any information about you, your business, your values and what makes you different, they will lose interest and go on to the next one.

I found a great list of questions you can ask yourself when planning to create or update your website in an article from Yoast:

  • What can people do with the products or information you’re offering on your website?
  • What makes your products or ideas unique?
  • How will your products/services enhance your clients’ lives?
  • Why should people buy the products/services on your website and not on another (e.g. cheaper or better known) website? Or why should people read your information and take your advice instead of information on another website?
  • What’s the reason you’re offering these products/services or information, besides making money?

Once you’ve answered these questions create your story and tell it on  the home page in your the introductory paragraph. Include engaging photos and/or an introductory video and then carry the story throughout your site, making sure to included lots of photos of people, videos (demos, personality, educational, scenic–whatever fits your product/service). Photos for services are a bit more challenging, you’ll need abstract concept imagery but there are myriad concept photos to be had and you can work with your marketing team or consultant to create abstract photos or illustrations that help you tell your story.

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