I did a short presentation on the latest website design trends for a networking group I belong to and, in doing research for the presentation, I found some really interesting websites; highly interactive and fun. I thought I would share these websites with those of you who read my blog – and too, so that I can come back here and look at them again and; perhaps, to compare them in the future to what will come.

Trends in 2017 are focused mostly on attention grabbing. Bright colors, large, bold typefaces, movement, kitschy designs (modern retro, pixelation, cutesy), and immersive interaction. The bottom line is, we are so easily distracted and with our  short attention span website owners have approximately 3 seconds to capture our interest. Today I want to focus on UI/UX (user interface/user experience) I’ve gathered samples of websites that inventive developers have created to accomplish this to show to you.

This first one A Digital Volcano uses full width videos and a continuous scroll to grab and then hold the viewer’s attention. Scrolling takes you on a visual tour down into the bowels of a volcano, to places on the planet where volcanoes exist and more. It’s a beautiful and informative site.






Make Me Pulse 2016 and Make Me Pulse 2017 are entertainment sites, just there for the beauty and fun, mostly the company’s greetings. They are very interactive fun to play with, but mostly they show the kinds of things that can be done.

This next site, advertising the Blair Witch sequel coming out in January uses 360 degree technology to create an interactive trailer. try it out, it’s spooky!

When you decide you want a new website, while you may not necessarily go to these extremes, let these sites be an inspiration. In the meantime, check them out and have fun!


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